Energy Storage

Icon Mark

The ‘Amptank’ icon mark represents many things important to the ‘Amptank’ story. It is a block like structure affected by electricity that emobodies & symbolises energy and power. Not only does it show a distorded electrified block, but when negatively viewed it presents the lightning bolt. 

Colour Variations



A margin of clear space equivalent to half the height of the wordmark itself is drawn around the wordmark to create the invisible boundary of the area of isolation. 

Icon Mark

The icon mark has a clear space equal to half the width of the icon mark. 

These areas of separation are a minimum and should be increased wherever possible.

Advanced Energy Storage

Due to its Nordic heritage, strong relationships with grid operators, regional governments, and developers Amptank is strongly positioned to build the energy storage of the future.

Shirt Designs


Why Blue?

Colours affect the way we act and feel subconsiously. It will be the first thing people will notice about your product. When researching other energy businesses it was clear that alot of green colours were used for ‘green energy’ and a decition was made to move away fro that and use another option. There is nothing more fresh like a bright blue colour to demand attention or attract the eye, but it gives the opportunity to be abe to scatter the pop of colour throughout various applications keeping inline with the brand.

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