Pegas Fly


Logo Workings & Elements

Using the ‘Golden Ratio’ the flying horse was created. The three ‘fan’ or ‘sail’ like elements stacked together represent wings, with the head to the side and elevated, giving it the impression of flying into the distance. This mark not only provides elegance from its flowery resemblance but also leans on the subject of flight and aerodynamics, connecting it appropriately with the airline. This mark allows for small and large applications both left and right facing, giving Pegas a clear identity heading into the future, that can be distinctly recognised both up close or from a distance.


Creating a simple but unique wordmark gives the company name its own visual identity if used & placed alone, but has the flexibilty to compliment as a lockup visual with the mark to provide maximum power. 

Mockup Design

A range of mockups of the Identity in action really brings it to life applied in the real world. 

Plane Designs

Website Design

Taking the new Identity and creating a beautiful fully responsive design.

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