The Naming Process

As a company that wants to specialise in mens sexual health products, it was important to understand the future and scalability of the brand, and not limit itself to one particular area. The word ‘Sigma’ comes from the socio sexual hierarchy and sits at the top with ‘Alpha’. It was a great fit for this particular identity system as it was not only a unique word, but it relates to sexual health and well-being which is what the company offers. 


Creating a name that just spoke to ‘Mens Health’ would not work well in the future if a decision was made to add products for woman. It’s very important to understand this from the beginning to avoid the need to rebrand in the future. Using the word ‘Health’ as an added element underneath, allows for the company to expand by simply removing the word ‘health’ and replacing it with a new category. 

Logo Workings & Elements

Sigma (/ˈsɪɡmə/; uppercase Σ, lowercase σ, lowercase in word-final position ς; Greek: σίγμα) is the eighteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. Using the negative inverse view of the Greek capital letter provided a unique opportunity for the Sigma icon mark to be formed. 


Using the same idea of the Greek letters, the lowercase sigma was incorporate in the wordmark as part of the element to form the ‘g’. The dot on the ‘I’ was taken from part of the icon mark above as another subtle element to give its individuality recognition.

Colour Variations

The colour variations were created as a way to clearly recognise and identify what the product is.

Mockup Design

A range of product mockups with the identity really shows how applicable and dynamic the identity really is. The icon mark is used as a branding element and both the it and the wordmark in a range of colours really gives it a strong presence and makes a bold statement. It is an identity that will develop into something that is instantly recognisable. 

Merch Designs

The Sigma identity works well both as a corporate identity embroidered on business shirts, and as a casual design on T-shirts that could be also sold or given as promotion material for the company.

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